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Ever wonder what happened to ex Eagles lead guitarist Don Felder (not to be confused with that other Eagles guitarist, Joe Walsh)? Well there’s a large site dedicated to this great rock guitarist, and what he’s doing now in music; there’s also some radio interviews and videos. I didn’t know this before but Felder is the one who composed the original music for Hotel California, the Eagles’ biggest hit (Henley wrote the lyrics). Several years ago Felder and the Eagle Board of Directors (Henley and Frye) evidently came to major differences of opinion (perhaps as to what musical direction the band was headed). Anyway, the result was that Felder was fired and then sued. The lawsuit with the group was resolved only this past May (the amount of the settlement was undisclosed). Check the site here.

It’s not known exactly why Felder was fired. Maybe some of that early underlying tension that had always plagued this group, bubbled back up, as described below…

Don Felder, the guitarist who was hired to edge the band away from its early country sound towards a more rocking groove, and Glenn Frey, Henley’s main writing partner, loathed each other with such a passion by the end that at the band’s final live performance, at a political fundraiser in southern California, they taunted each other between songs and laid into each other the second the set was over [and which had to be broken up by roadies]. Henley and Frey, who also could not stand the sight of each other, put the finishing touches to the band’s subsequent final release, Eagles Live, from opposite ends of the country.

Read on.

Note: Don Felder’s book about his life in the Eagles, Heaven and Hell, should be available in Oct., if not yet in the US then in Britain and Germany.

UPDATE: Don Felder.com There’s nothing on it right now; it’s evidently still under construction.



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3 responses to “Ex Eagles guitarist

  1. iam in the process of reading the don felder book.
    Life in the eagles.
    Iam a passionate eagles fan.
    And while iam enjoying reading the book.
    Iam also annoyed that don is not still part of the group.
    As well as randy m and bernie lea.

  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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