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A truly awful performance explained (sort of)

First, the performance

The Explanations

“It’s been the buzz of the blogosphere for well over two weeks now, and we thought it was time to get to the bottom of Van Halen’s “Jump” mystery. If you haven’t seen (or rather, heard) the tortuously off-key live performance from Greensboro, N.C., you can find it on YouTube, as seen below. (It’s not quite Ashlee Simpson on SNL, but substitute her Irish jig for David Lee Roth dry-humping a blow-up microphone, and it comes pretty damn close.) ” Read more.


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Gibson’s self-tuning guitar

“There are certain natural laws that govern the behavior of our world: what goes up must come down; for every action there‚Äôs an equal and opposite reaction; to play in tune, you have to get yourself in tune…” So says the Gibson Co.

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Neat chord selector

Click on a string and fret on the virtual fretboard to build a chord, then click strum.

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Here’s a great link to adding a USB connection to your guitar

“The first question is why you’d want a USB port in an electric guitar, and the answer is simple: convenience. By putting a small USB codec in a guitar, you’re putting an extra sound board in there. So when you record, your guitar is digitized locally and the signal transmitted to your computer over a USB cable. You plug your headphones into the guitar, so you have more mobility and fewer cords to get tangled. The guitar still has all its standard analog capabilities, but USB output as well.” Looks like the project would require some electrical connection skill, along with some power tools. Here’s the link. The pic below shows some of what you’d be getting into.


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Mozart played on bass guitar

Go to the video.

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