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Very fast guitar player

Incredible solo

His name I believe is Fernando Miyata. He can also be seen and heard here.


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Robot guitar

Yes, Gibson announces robotic guitar–for real.

“…the unit will always be ready to rock in tune at the touch of a button. Using Gibson’s own Tune-o-matic bridge, the guitar can be tuned to one of seven presets. The default is the standard A440 setting, while others were based upon popular songs.” Robot Guitar: The Web Site.

Gibson plans to produce 4000 of them; they’ll be ready fro sale sometime in early Dec.

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Nano guitar


This little guitar–with emphasis on little–is ten years old. It’s the smallest guitar in the world. “It is…10 micrometers long — about the size of a single cell — with six strings each about 50 nanometers, or 100 atoms, wide. If it were plucked… the strings would indeed vibrate, although at inaudible frequencies.” Item is here.

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