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One classical guitar, four hands

Bravo! Bravo!


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Guitar auction

Check here because you might just find what you’re looking for in vintage guitars and equipment, like for example that 1965 Gibson Southern Jumbo guitar (this particular auction closes sometime today, Dec 15th).

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It’s a weird…guitar world


Take a look at the others; there’s even an AK-47 guitar (don’t worry, it doesn’t really shoot).


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Fake guitar playing becoming popular

It’s all in the game box, and the main rivalries this year are between Activision’s Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and MTV’s Rock Band. See article Dueling Guitars in Gameland.

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The boys in the band

The Eagles’ former guitarist, Don Felder, has a book out, Heaven and Hell, about the wild days of rock, sex and the battle of egos while on tour with the Eagles. The book is available in Europe but is being held up right now, at least for awhile, in the States because of legal matters. Don Felder is one of the more articulate musicians in the rock world; he was pushed out of the Eagles in 2001, evidently for questioning the group’s finances. Felder’s lawsuit against the Eagles was finally settled recently for an undisclosed sum. He had been with the group for over twenty years.

“We are talking in Felder’s bedroom in The Old Course Hotel, St Andrews. A regular on the pro-celebrity golf scene, he is in Scotland for the Dunhill championship. He discovered golf back in the 1970s as a way of escaping temporarily from the drugs, egos and creative tensions that went with making Eagles records. Back then, Felder regarded hotels as prisons-cum-playrooms; it wasn’t unknown for one of his bandmates to come through the wall with a chainsaw. Now, however, he apologizes for the mess, even though his room is really tidy, and slips off his golf shoes with a small grunt of delight. ‘Please excuse the informality.’ ” Read more of this interview.

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