The Ventures

It’s amazing the amount of publicity you get when you’ve been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Ventures have been performing for about fifty years now, and they’ve never been as famous as now.

On the Fox News Channel (Fox & Friends)

Post Inducted*

Some sites of interest:

Nokie Edwards (long time lead guitar for the group)

The Ventures

Gerry McGee (long time lead guitar for the group, alternating with Nokie)

*One of the two original founders, Bob Bogle, was evidently too sick to attend; Gerry McGee was also unable to attend (yeah, these guys are pretty old now; Bogle still records with them but doesn’t do any touring; McGee still records and tours).


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  1. What guitar player could resist the Ventures? I wouldn’t be surprised if “Wipe Out” outlasts The Beatles! The music is simple and pure. The era of instrumentals is long gone but this music will be around for a long time. Wipe out is a terrific song to teach new students as pretty much everyone knows it and will enjoy playing it in their early stages of guitar picking. I’m glad the Ventures were inducted. I wish them much happiness in thier re-kindled success! Ray

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