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The pink ukulele

“…Last summer she was living in Hell’s Kitchen, working as a finance manager for a nonprofit arts company and having little success with her forays into stand-up comedy. Then her boyfriend bought himself a natural wood ukulele. She started strumming it, and found it easy to play with little training.” Continue reading article, “Those Four Irresistible Strings.”

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“Classical Gutiar Magazine”

I love this musical opening for Classical Guitar Magazine. At the bottom of the page click on here for the advertising rates link.

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More digital fun

Guitar Hero 3 on iPhone:

Don’t worry, at some point real guitars will make a comeback.

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Pocket guitar

For iPod Touch and iPhone

Rocking out with Pocket Guitar

Keep in mind that if you’re trying to develop calluses on your fingertips this will not help.

…Speaking of pocket guitars here’s another one

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