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The vegetable orchestra

I didn’t see any vegetable guitars but here it is anyway, instruments of the vegetable orchestra. There’s also some other musical instruments here too, including manualists (human hands) and a sea organ. Yes, and you might expect in such a list there’s also a description of a helicopter string quartet. This is the home page of the Vienna Vegtable Orchestra, with a full list and photos of their instruments made from vegetables.

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“Secret life of the banjo”

“Centuries ago, somewhere in West Africa, the banjo was born on the knees of griots—storytellers who improvised their lyrics as they performed. Almost like forerunners to today’s hip-hop artists, griots interacted with their audiences using call-and-response patterns to liven up the crowd. Their instruments—strings and animal skins tacked across hollowed-out gourds—are considered the first banjos.” Read article here.

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