The vegetable orchestra

I didn’t see any vegetable guitars but here it is anyway, instruments of the vegetable orchestra. There’s also some other musical instruments here too, including manualists (human hands) and a sea organ. Yes, and you might expect in such a list there’s also a description of a helicopter string quartet. This is the home page of the Vienna Vegtable Orchestra, with a full list and photos of their instruments made from vegetables.

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  1. Well this isn’t exactly a vegetable but I just had a fantastic guitar built for me at Maybe in the strictest sense, the wood on the guitar is vegetable in nature. This guitar has an Alaskan Bearclaw Sitka Spruce top and Quilted Mahogany back. While I would eat it some forest animals might eat the leaves from those trees making them somewhat vegetable in nature. I choose Jim Sullivan to make the guitar because of the turbo bracing system he uses to take the pressure off the top and stabilize the guitar allowing a fuller sound and frequency response. He does some amazing work.

    Jim is also having a special on his acoustic guitar corner website where you can get 5% off any purchase during his end of the summer sales. He’s made it available to me and anyone I want to tell but it’s not generally available on his website. You need to enter promotional code bcc0908 to get the discount and it’s good for everything on his site even available guitars. Sorry though I just got one of the last guitars so there’s not many left. They are awesome guitars. Probably worth twice the price he is asking. Contact him and ask him about them.

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