Jazz guitarist Bill Frisell

In a new Times Online article, jazz guitarist Bill Frisell is referred to as “the man with the golden guitar, subtitled the Clark Kent of guitar–beneath his mild exterior lies a supernatural talent.” Frisell is a great guitarist, though he’s not one of my favorites (I find him too electric). The article, though, certainly sings his praises:

“Is Bill Frisell the best jazz guitarist in the world? There is some snazzy opposition – from the melodious Pat Metheny to the frenetic John McLaughlin. You could say he is the most in demand – and from way beyond jazz. Frisell’s limpid tone has backed Elvis Costello, Marianne Faithfull and David Sylvian. He has rocked out with Ginger Baker; he’s there on Paul Simon’s last CD, and Norah Jones’s. His own 30-plus albums run the gamut from country, bluegrass and Americana to industrial squeaks and shrieks…Read the rest of this article at the link above…”


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