Guitar breaks

All is quiet. It is eight o’clock on Sunday morning. Through the frosty windows of the Barnett Hill hotel and conference centre, in Guildford, Surrey, the countryside looks like a Christmas card. Suddenly, the tranquillity is shattered as a hail of guitar notes is forced at breakneck speed through some kind of distortion effect…the weekend begins with everyone introducing themselves, stating their influences and explaining why they are there. “My name is Edward, and I have been playing since time began, but I know nothing about the guitar whatsoever,” says Edward, whose e-mail name, it later transpires, is axewarrior. “I’ve been playing the same solo for 30 years,” says another grey-haired chap. “I’d like to get some fresh ideas.” Read more here. And go here for Guitar Break–The Guitar Getaway. Yes, and there is a Guitar Break channel, from which the following video came:

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