Cold Play VS guitarist Joe Satriani

Probably nothing in the world, whether in music or literature or even science, is truly original anymore. With so much music and written language concoctions floating about everything creative probably contains something of  one or more of the others. Sometimes it’s coincidence; sometimes deliberate. The plagiarism aspect of a complaint can only be maintained if the “copying” is sustained (as I humbly see it). From a cursory listening it sounds like Cold Play made the entire theme of their song, Viva La Vida, from a 70 second thematic section of Satriani’s If I Could Fly. The theme in question is clearly the main theme of  Satriani’s song, though it’s development is  supplemented by variated  riffs. The main difference between the two themes is that while Satriani’s is melodically guitar based Cold Play’s is orchestrated. Anyway, there’s a much better analysis below. Hey, we report, you decide (sound familiar?)…

The comparison of a key part.

Joe Satriani playing If I Could Fly. The controversy stems from approximately the 50 second mark to the 120 (this interwoven theme phrasing comes in later too during  the variated riffs).

Here’s Cold Play’s Viva La Vida

Here’s Part 1 of a technical analysis by Creative Guitar Studio


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