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That cool Chewbacca sound

All right, looks like a guitar breakthrough of sorts: recreating Chewbacca’s  guttural growl (or whatever that beastly sound is) from Star Wars. I’m thinking this could be a big request at bar mitzvahs and  Superbowl parties.

Doin’ Chewbacca on a Fender Strat

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Dissed guitarist?

“The unsung hero behind Madonna and Michael Jackson died yesterday morning, and the grieving family of David Williams is furious over the disrespect shown to him by the music community and by what they say was neglect by the hospital where he spent his last days. Williams, who was 58, was the guitarist for the pop superstars and toured with both of them as well as Jessica Simpson, Chaka Khan, Lionel Richie and Van Halen for more than three decades, succumbed to complications from high blood pressure…” Read article here.

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