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A guitar case, a motorcyle, and a basketball player

Cavaliers’ star player Delonte West arrested for carrying guitar case–of course, it was full of weapons. Article here.

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iPhone guitar VS real guitar

“…Several guitar apps feature preloaded scales, chord forms and tablature features for those looking to work out ideas. They make for terrific notation tools for pros and theory tools for novices. But as for actual instrumentality, well, there aren’t many people who say an iPhone feels better in the hand than a guitar…” Article here.

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Hot guitars

“…Three decades after defying the odds and persuading Carlos Santana to try out his hand-built guitar, Paul Reed Smith’s quest for perfect tone is still reeling in enthusiasts from all over the world…” This year’s sales will match those of last: 38 million. Article here

PRS Guitars


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After 40 years it was goodbye classical guitar, hello blues

“…one day two years ago, I looked at my [classical] guitar and realized I’d been playing for almost 40 years, practising scales, memorizing chord shapes, learning bits and pieces but never really mastering anything. And I was no longer the introvert I’d once imagined myself to be. I’d become a chattier, nosier, bolder and more sociable version of myself. Why not play blues instead?” Article here.

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An electric guitar, Edgar Allan Poe, and a Spanish torture chamber

“A woman in the audience said it best in the Q&A session following the Saturday matinee of “Tell-Tale Electric Poe.” “It was like watching ‘Saw III,’” she said by way of complementing actor Bruce Roach. She was referring to Roach’s extraordinary performance of the Edgar Allan Poe story “The Pit and the Pendulum” on the stage of the Coterie Theatre. With only Poe’s words, Rex Hobart’s edgy work on the electric guitar and his own acting ability, Roach created a picture from a Spanish torture chamber so vivid that it was, indeed, like watching a movie…” Review here.

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C. F. Martin’s guitar man

“…First hired as a design draftsman, Boak has held diverse positions at Martin, from running its saw mill and exotic wood products division to guitar design. His creative skills led to the formation of the artist relations department, where he has collaborated with the likes of Paul Simon, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton and countless other legends in the conception of more than 150 signature guitars…” Article here (who is he? Hint: he was once a dumpster diver for wood…)

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Making violins to playing guitar

“…He [David Bromberg, that is] doesn’t make them anymore[violins, that is], however. He sells them and appreciates them. That leaves Bromberg, lauded by many as a musician’s musician, plenty of time to concentrate on being an artist again. The 2007 Grammy-nominated Try Me One More Time, a stripped-down collection of folk and blues music, finds him picking an array of acoustic guitars…” Article here.

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