Whatever happened to…?

Well, he didn’t die (in other words, he’s still alive sort of) and still playing guitar. We’re talking of–who? Mick Taylor of course, the “genius” behind the Rolling Stones’ golden age…”.  Mick Taylor had replaced Brian Jones, asarticle-1213013-0667015A000005DC-6_468x522 Ronnie Wood eventually replaced Taylor. Yes, it’s confusing if the only thing you know about the Stones is that their lead singer has enormous lips.

So why did he leave? Here’s a hint: ‘After doing guitar parts on three songs, I said to Mick [Jagger] and Keith, “If you guys are just going to sit and mess around, I’m going home. I’ve got things to do.” I told them to give me a call if they wanted me to do anything else”

Excerpt:  “In truth, Taylor has always been ambivalent about the Stones – a fact that explains in part why he has never pursued what he believes may be millions of pounds in unpaid royalties. For all his undoubted virtuosity on the electric guitar, he was never a huge fan of the band and found their brand of bar-room rock and roll musically limited…” ……….Even less edifying [today] is the unopened stack of bills and threats to cut off the water, electricity and gas. The uncut grass, empty cans in the kitchen sink and the ancient car parked in the driveway with weeds growing through its wheels also tell a tale…” Anyway, here’s the article.


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