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Yamaha CG classical guitars (updated series)

Among many other improvements and updates the CG includes a three-piece neck for increased stability against warping and bridgeplate (fitted beneath the guitar’s top) that “has been reduced in size to allow freer vibration of the guitar’s top and a more responsive, open tone together with greater volume.” See more description here. The CG series is considered a professional grade guitar, in contrast to the CGS which is Yamaha’s beginner classicals.

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Queen guitarist Brian May’s secret obsession

“…When I was about 12 years old, Weetabix gave away a series of 3-D picture cards featuring animals – you would find them nestling between the box and the inner bag. The idea was that you could send off for a special ‘Vista-Screen’ viewer which, when the pictures were inserted, made them leap into amazing 3-D. The effect was pure magic – a window into another world. It was the beginning of a love affair that has lasted most of my life, and has drawn me into an extraordinary trail of historical discovery. Stereoscopy – to give 3-D imaging its proper name – is simple in principle. In real life our eyes see two slightly different versions of the same view – and our brains work to combine these into an instant read-out. Stereoscopy is a form of photography that works in the same way…” Read here.

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Mel Bay lives…

Hey at the link here there’s a recent article on guitarist and teacher–the late Mel Bay. The name sound familiar? I think I started with a Mel Bay guitar manual when I first studied electric guitar. Millions of others started with the same booklet. This guy had a whole system down, presented over a series of lesson books and chord studies. His company’s still pumping them out, and now publishes over 4,500 different instructional manuals.

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Little “guitars”

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Whiter shade of pale

Very pleasant acoustic version:

Sungha playing ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ (arrangement by Walter Lupi).

Here’s another acoustic version by Martin Tallstrom, featuring some nicely executed natural harmonics:

Channel here.

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