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Guitar mouth

Look, Mom, no frets!

Yes, there is a mouth drummer.

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Beck-Clapton concert: junkyard dogs?

Beck-Clapton: “…They took their poses with guitars: Mr. Beck hunched and leaning on his back foot, Mr. Clapton straight as a pin. Mr. Beck started spiking and blenderizing his phrases, folding a lot of business with glass slide and whammy bar into the depth of his sound; he put flash turns and hesitations in his arpeggios and melodic improvisations, whizzing them past you in small servings without overloading the whole. His solo sounded like a harmonica and moved like a rabbit. Naturally this energized Mr. Clapton, and naturally they competed a little…”

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Bird play

As chimps often outperform Wall Street brokers in winning stock picks it looks like birds are getting into the act now by outperforming many human guitarists.

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“A guitar hero won’t play the game”

Jeff Beck piece: The creators of “Guitar Hero” invited Mr. Beck to be an avatar in the game, but he declined. “Who wants to be in a kid’s game, like a toy shop?” he asked dismissively during an interview the day before the Grammys. “There’s just this mad avalanche of material that’s available, so it’s so hard for aspiring young players to find where they should go” and “not be enslaved to yet another tool or device.”

Beck sounds a little too self-righteous, a bit like a god who doesn’t want his name used in vain. Hey, you know what? I wouldn’t mind being an avatar in some game.

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