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Sabicas: Malaguena

I don’t know, all of a sudden I’m into flamenco. This is my favorite rendition of this famous flamenco piece.

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“Masters of Flamenco Guitar”

This is a great CD anthology of live flamenco guitar playing, featuring selections by Sabicas (Chet Atkins considered his technique “the finest around”), Nino Ricardo,  Melchor de Marchena, etc.Go to the Amazon link here to listen to almost twenty samples.

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“Sufi rock”

“…Salman Ahmad is the leading exponent of “Sufi rock” music, sometimes described as Pakistan’s Bono and even hailed as the latest weapon against Islamic extremism. He’s currently in Britain promoting his book, Rock & Roll Jihad, and yesterday he was in London, courtesy of Quilliam, the anti-extremism thinktank, to answer questions…” Read more here.

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“Tale of a Comet”

“WOW! What was that sound?” I asked myself. There was a beat, a melody, and an electric guitar! I told my parents that very day: “I wanna play a guitar!…Once during a wedding reception, a man approached me to play six nights a week at his local nightclub. Well, I accepted, and we played there for a solid year under the name “The Sensational Youngsters” … Later that year we changed our name back to “The Tremonts” and played a circuit of gigs in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware…Bill Williamson asked me to play one of the tunes Bill Haley had heard the Saturday evening before. So I mustered all the nervous energy in me and played “Johnny B Goode” for them. After the song, there was no reaction. Then John Grande asked if I knew a Comets song, so I played and sang “Shake, Rattle and Roll” right there in front of the guys who made it a hit record! This time I got a smile, a thank you, and Bill Haley said “We will call if you are chosen”…And so I became a Comet. …” Tale of a Comet

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Model guitar bodypainting

Ladies and gents, step right up and see beautiful model transformed into a guitar right before your very eyeballs. Get in line right here.

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String a classical guitar

This is by far the best instruction video I’ve seen on the subject. Nice closeups.

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