“Tale of a Comet”

“WOW! What was that sound?” I asked myself. There was a beat, a melody, and an electric guitar! I told my parents that very day: “I wanna play a guitar!…Once during a wedding reception, a man approached me to play six nights a week at his local nightclub. Well, I accepted, and we played there for a solid year under the name “The Sensational Youngsters” … Later that year we changed our name back to “The Tremonts” and played a circuit of gigs in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware…Bill Williamson asked me to play one of the tunes Bill Haley had heard the Saturday evening before. So I mustered all the nervous energy in me and played “Johnny B Goode” for them. After the song, there was no reaction. Then John Grande asked if I knew a Comets song, so I played and sang “Shake, Rattle and Roll” right there in front of the guys who made it a hit record! This time I got a smile, a thank you, and Bill Haley said “We will call if you are chosen”…And so I became a Comet. …” Tale of a Comet


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