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Gibson quality control issues

I’ve been reading on and off for several years now about Gibson quality control problems–painting, gluing, etc. Here’s a picture I got off a recent forum showing one of the problems, in this case cracking along the fingerboard perimeter. Type Gibson quality issues or Gibson quality control problems in Bing or Google and you’ll come up with a good cross section.

Forum link here.

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Tommy Emmanuel and his band


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Another guitar crime

I’ve posted several stories of criminals using guitars as weapons. Here’s another.

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Now this, a, er, looks sort of interesting

Click here.

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Ovation guitars

The Ovation iDea.

I haven’t had a chance to play one of these yet but it looks like a great idea. Not only can you play it like a regular acoustic guitar but it also plugs into an amp, but the most interesting feature is the digital recording console built in; not only does it allow you to instantly and conveniently record, say a run you’ve come up with, some musical idea you’ve stumbled upon, but you can also layer musical lines, as for example a chord progression, and as you’re playing that back you can add a melodic line or another chord progression to go with it. This looks ideal for guitar composers. This particular model lists for over $900. or so but I’ve seen them now for under $250. (Amazon for instance)

Top mounted digital console.

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Guitar duo: brothers Odair and Sergio

“…Mr. Assad, 57, is half of what critics consider the world’s leading classical guitar duo, with his brother Odair. He almost won a third Latin Grammy in the ceremonies held Nov. 11; he was nominated twice for Contemporary Classical Composition. The Washington Post suggested that the brothers might be “the best two-guitar team in existence, maybe even in history…” Here.

The brothers in younger days.

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Electric guitar Gods

There are Gods of the classic guitar, jazz guitar, flamenco guitar; there are even Gods of the Banjo and Uke. Above are electric guitar Gods (please leave the appropriate sacrifice).


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