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The elusive flamenco guitar

“Flamenco has a solid reputation for being hermetic to those who have not been initiated into it. Some pretend that this hermeticism is nothing but a pretext to disguise its limits and insufficiencies.  Isn’t flamenco, under these conditions, nothing but a carefully managed eye fooler? The question of its deep-seated nature cannot be forever eluded. Are we in the presence of true art or a popular art? Yet, it seems to be accessible only to the initiated, even though they are relatively small in number. It is a fact that flamenco, formed by shades of light and dark, is elusive. It loses its own authenticity in contact with the forces of the music hall footlights. Yet, it resurges with its own complete vigor in semi-dark caves…” Read mere here (originally pub way back in 1981 in Guitarra magazine, now brought online.

You’ll notice a flamenco guitar usually has a tapping plate to protect the top from percussive effects.

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