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“A guitar hero won’t play the game”

Jeff Beck piece: The creators of “Guitar Hero” invited Mr. Beck to be an avatar in the game, but he declined. “Who wants to be in a kid’s game, like a toy shop?” he asked dismissively during an interview the day before the Grammys. “There’s just this mad avalanche of material that’s available, so it’s so hard for aspiring young players to find where they should go” and “not be enslaved to yet another tool or device.”

Beck sounds a little too self-righteous, a bit like a god who doesn’t want his name used in vain. Hey, you know what? I wouldn’t mind being an avatar in some game.

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After 40 years it was goodbye classical guitar, hello blues

“…one day two years ago, I looked at my [classical] guitar and realized I’d been playing for almost 40 years, practising scales, memorizing chord shapes, learning bits and pieces but never really mastering anything. And I was no longer the introvert I’d once imagined myself to be. I’d become a chattier, nosier, bolder and more sociable version of myself. Why not play blues instead?” Article here.

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Strange case

Yeah, this is weird. “A few months ago [aTV  news feature] told the story of an 8-year-old from Elkhorn billed as the youngest performing blues guitarist in the world. Suddenly, somebody is trying to silence him…All he 16502125wants to do is play for people, but the child prodigy may be getting too good too soon because he’s already making some mysterious — and possibly dangerous — enemies.”  And now the government Labor Board is after him…And also keep in mind that his agent is getting death threats. Read story here.

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Fake guitar playing becoming popular

It’s all in the game box, and the main rivalries this year are between Activision’s Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and MTV’s Rock Band. See article Dueling Guitars in Gameland.

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