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“Soloing concepts”

If you’re into jazz you ¬†might want to check the videos by Jimmy Bruno at his Youtube channel. He’s one of the best jazz guitarists and educators around. Here’s his guitar site and the obligatory Myspace profile.


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Les Paul

Jazz/pop guitarist/musical innovator/inventor Les Paul dead at 94.ALeqM5iPg9Wj3Enphkx_7cP6dokrqN_poQ


In The New York Times’s Now Playing video section there’s an excellent video rundown on Les Paul’s career, how he started, how he influenced the Beatles, etc. It’s called Now Playing: Les Paul.

NY Times article on Les Paul here.

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Fast jazz (the way I like it)

Guitarist Andres Oberg

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Barney Kessel gives the lowdown on his guitar

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Robert Conti on eight-string guitar

Imagine the tension on that guitar neck; maybe the truss bar is made of titanium. On electric guitars these extra strings are bass, e.g., F# B (followed by E A d g b e). Some accoustic eight-string guitars I believe have at least one extra treble. In the piece above as Conti plays solo, before the bassist joins in at 1:09, those deep extra basses almost sound like a regular bass guitar.

Whether Conti’s playing an eight or his regular six-stringer I’ve never seen such effortless fingering from any other guitarist.

Robert Conti is my favorite jazz guitarist (his fingers effortlessly perform every nuance of a melodic/chordal phrasing) There’s a lot of Conti videos collected at this Youtube master page

By the way, here’s Robert Conti back in the year of 1969 playing a classical guitar finger style:

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Kessel and Ellis

I could listen to these guys all day.

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