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Gibson Guitar Co VS the Feds

Here’s a look into Gibson’s exotic woods controversy. Story over @ the LA Times.


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Gibson quality control issues

I’ve been reading on and off for several years now about Gibson quality control problems–painting, gluing, etc. Here’s a picture I got off a recent forum showing one of the problems, in this case cracking along the fingerboard perimeter. Type Gibson quality issues or Gibson quality control problems in Bing or Google and you’ll come up with a good cross section.

Forum link here.

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Gibson’s new electric guitar entry: Dusk Tiger

Dusk Tiger–check out the specs, with pics.

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Guitar pawn

Hey, Pawn Stars on the History Channel is fascinating. They’ve had a couple of episodes on guitars so far. The first part of this video has to do with a restoration of a 1942 Gibson L7.

There’s another episode about a 1960 Les Paul which I haven’t had time to look for yet.  Turns out a guitar expert on the show finds it’sreally from the seventies–a difference in thousands of dollars in worth (on the minus side).

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