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Guitar Hero VS real guitars

It seems that at least some guitar manufacturers are asking the question: shouldn’t real electric guitars be as easy to play as those plastic push button guitars?

Why are they still making guitars with “real” strings that are difficult and boring to learn how to play and really make your fingers hurt? What is the point? Do we still slaughter our own cows? Dig our own wells? Work in the turnip fields for 18 hours a day, six days a week? No. Buttons have proven themselves to be much easier and more efficient…We demand piece-of-piss-to-play button guitars now. And pre-programmed “hurdy gurdy” guitars that actually play both louder and faster the harder you crank the handle. And living guitars made out of pain-sensitive clone flesh with screaming Jagger-lipped mouths at the end of the necks that vomit a milk-like substance over the first five rows of the baying crowd at the end of each particularly impressive guitar solo. Read article here. (Note: please allow for at least some tongue-in-cheek context.)

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Finally, Guitar Hero for Christians

Only this one’s called Guitar Praise… Solid Rock. Here’s a link to it on boing boing. And here’s the order page. I wonder if the Pope has one of these?

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