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Cherry supreme: good enough to eat

This is what a $5000.+ guitar looks like: Gibson Les Paul Cherry Sunburst

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“Father of the electric guitar”

Les Paul of course: “..He has performed with Eric Clapton, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Chet Atkins and others. Described as the ‘Father of the Electric Guitar,’ and a pioneer figure of rock and roll, Les Paul developed the solid body guitar. Marketed first in 1952, his designs eventually became a part of Gibson’s electric guitars, known as the Les Paul Models…” Read rest of article here, it’s a good short overview of his carreer. Here’s another overview (with video).

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Les Paul

Jazz/pop guitarist/musical innovator/inventor Les Paul dead at 94.ALeqM5iPg9Wj3Enphkx_7cP6dokrqN_poQ


In The New York Times’s Now Playing video section there’s an excellent video rundown on Les Paul’s career, how he started, how he influenced the Beatles, etc. It’s called Now Playing: Les Paul.

NY Times article on Les Paul here.

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