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Let’s hear it for the Peter Gunn Theme

Dave Allan (you know–Dave Allan and The Arrows) playing Peter Gunn:

Here’s Duane Eddy with the theme:

Here’s a very electric version in half-time by Roy Buchanan (Back in the late eighties Roy had been arrested for public intoxication, and later found hanged in his cell by a noose formed out of his shirt). Read about Buchanan at the Fender Players Club:

Here’s the original below by Henry Mancini:

I’m going to try and do an arrangement of this for classical guitar if I get time. I’ll post it later.

Last but not least, here’s the Betty Page version (she’s the one pushing long hair out of her eyes).  Hey, did you know Betty Page was once a Christian missionary? As far as I know Ms Page did not play guitar.

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